COMS 320 Podcasting: Sonoma State Stories 

Course description: From NPR’s TED Radio Hour to Serial, Podcasts are an important part of the audio experience in the 21st Century.. This course is designed to bring students, who are already familiar with basic radio/audio/reporting and production, to a new level of expertise and to learn the dos and don'ts of podcasting..This is a hands-on class where students will start up a podcast, practice the craft and editing sensibilities of creating powerful short-form audio for broadcast, and the art of finding a great story..Utilizing KSUN studio, students will work collaboratively on developing and publishing a series of podcasts. They will also refine their recording and reporting techniques and learn to scale down their stories to become short, effective features. Podcasts will be uploaded to social media for the world to hear. 

Sonoma County's Talking

In his professional career, Advisor Nate Campbell has hosted a Public Affairs show "Sonoma County's Talking: the issues listeners care about".

Greg Sarris (2013)

SSU Instructor & Indian Tribe Leader

David Felte: Obamacare (2013)

SSU Alumni Association Past-President

Radio Commercials

To advertise on KSUN Radio,

contact Nate Campbell at campbeln@sonoma.edu

Friar Tuck's Pub (2016)

Electric Monk Tattoo (2016)

Sonoma State Athletics (2016)

Ongaro & Sons (2016)

Endess Summer Salon (2016)

Goodwill (2016)

Skin Care by Maria (2016)

Nailz and Company (2016)


Sonoma State Stories Ep. 1

Judy Sakaki

Sonoma State Stories Ep. 2

Joseph Rattigan


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